Due Diligence

Research and financial analysis of a company or organization done in preparation for a business transaction.

Lender are experiencing that it takes more time and money to conduct proper due diligence than it has in the past. Unfortunately, sometimes they discover the prospective borrower has misrepresented the deal and their financials. Hence, they have expended a lot of time and money on a project they fully intended on funding and find out it's not what was represented on the front end. Their solution is to sift out who is real and who is not. Many lenders will charge the prospective borrower up front for the costs and may reimburse them at closing.

Funding sources do not give millions of dollars to companies without a due diligence process beforehand.

VII does not charge due diligence fees. Potential clients are expected to pay for a normal business and inspection Valuation to a Private Third Party company of our choosing. We have several nationally and internationally to use. Normal valuations range between 28K and 75K depending on location and type of scenario. This is mandatory in the industry.